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Covid-19 - Corporate Sessions are planned to resume in early September 2020

Tai Chi

There are a wide number of reasons and benefits for introducing staff and management to Tai Chi.

Want to say 'Thank You' to a team for a job well done? Running a one-off Tai Chi session can be a simple, effective, and enjoyable way. A morning or afternoon event that will include a variety of aspects of Tai Chi.

Worried that staff or management are becoming over-stressed? Then a series of one-hour sessions spread over a number of weeks can be a marvellous way to show people how the practice of Tai Chi can help deal with the pressurse that can occur in both business and personal life.

Corporate sessions can take place at your location or you can hire a suitable nearby facility. 

Time based, £75 per hour including travelling time.

1) A regular session can be for up to 12 people.
2) Morning, afternoon, or whole day events, attendee numbers by agreement.

Call 07771 333 369 to book a session or to discuss any questions that you have about Tai Chi. 

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