Private sessions

and teach your own classes

Do YOU want to teach Tai Chi?
We have a full instructor's program that is a mixture of pre-recorded lessons, live video training, and 'real-world' training.

Ideal for:
A) Martial arts or other physical skills instructors who want to add Tai Chi to what they currently do.
B) Tai Chi students who want to teach.
C) YOU, if you are motivated and will put in the time and effort required.

By the way, although there are costs involved in becoming an instructor, we believe we have one of the most affordable instructor programs available. Also, of course, we believe that the Agar-Hutton Tai Chi System is one of the best Tai Chi systems there is. If your interest is in teaching Tai Chi for health, fitness, and relaxation, get in touch with us today.

Call 07771 333 369 or email for details

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